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Five Tips for Boosting Personal Work Ethic

Jonah Engler

Jonah Engler’s entrepreneurial experience spans multiple industries and includes leading multimillion-dollar ventures throughout New York. Jonah Engler also considers a strong commitment to a work ethic a crucial component to the success of both his personal and professional endeavors. The following list covers suggestions for boosting work ethic.

1. Know that results require hard work. Results will not magically manifest themselves. Remind yourself that achieving results requires you to avoid becoming stagnant in the pursuit of your goals.

2. Start with a disciplined routine. A strong start to the morning can set the tone for the rest of the day, so begin each morning with a routine to get you motivated and ready to start working. Eat a breakfast that will keep you energized.

3. Tackle difficult challenges first. Consider starting the day addressing the most challenging tasks in order to train yourself to embrace difficult situations. Putting off difficult projects may enhance avoidance behaviors and foster procrastination.

4. Avoid distractions. Try to distance yourself from distractions during work hours by turning off phones and avoiding social media. Identify the things that most easily distract you from work and create solutions to address them.

5. Manage your time. Learning to manage your time can help prevent procrastination and increase your ability to make deadlines. In addition, it can help you avoid rushing to finish a task at the last minute.

Business Manager

4 Ways to Become a Better Business Manager Today

Business administrators cannot afford the luxury of allowing dust to settle on their management skills. The best way to become a better business manager today is to stay on top of the newest styles of management. This requires business managers to take the time to continue to renew and update their skills through management training courses of study. Continue reading


3 Ways to Ensure Return on Invested Capital

The total cash investment that shareholders and debtholders have made in a company is called Invested Capital. Investing capital into a business or stock is always a risk for shareholders, but with savvy business maneuvers, finding investments with the least risk and the most return can nearly ensure return on the invested capital. Continue reading

Securities and Exchange Commission

The SEC and You: What Do Financial Experts Need to Know?

Back in 2002, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) implemented the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. This significant Act included specific Sections defining how public companies controlled against risk of fraud.  In this post, you will learn about the history and evolution of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and how the SEC currently defines a “financial expert.” This will help ensure your company is in compliance with current SEC regulations as regards finance experts who serve on your audit committee.
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Mobile Trends 2016

Mobile Industry: Top Trends for 2016 – What Do You Need to Know?

Smartphones, tablet, phablets and everything in-between seems to be perched in everyone’s hands. The mobile revolution allows nearly everyone to be connected throughout the day. With the advent of the smartphone only a few short years ago, it’s safe to say that the mobile industry is here to stay. As 2015 winds down, take a glimpse at some of the top trends forecasted for 2016.
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How to Ensure Employee Satisfaction

Employee attitudes are an essential reflection on any business, and customers recognize when employees are discontented with their jobs. Part of this links to monetary compensation and benefits, but there’s more to jobs than just compensation.

Employees respond to employers understanding their needs in the workplace, and when they make small and inexpensive changes to satisfy those needs.

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Do Introverts Make Better Entrepreneurs?

jonah engler

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, personality plays a large role in how successful a person can be. The majority of people lean very definitely towards an introverted personality. That’s not to say that their quiet demeanor should be mistaken for “mousiness”.

Introverts get their inspiration from abstract thoughts and concepts. When they are quiet, it is because they are in deep thought, contemplating the best solution to a problem. They do not allow outside distractions to veer them off course. Continue reading

Google and PR innovation by Jonah Engler

Google, Sidewalks and the PR of Innovation

All due respect to mighty Apple, it’s tough to argue that any company is working harder than Google to combine innovation and domination of the digital world. Google doesn’t always win with its ideas – cough, cough Google Glass – but, no matter how many times they strike out, they keep coming back into the box for another swing.

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Your Company Name is Lame : Tips for Rebranding

Having the right name for your business is so important because it encourages people to want to make use of your company and services. Your current business name might simply be lame, and this can negatively affect your entire company in more ways than just one. There are a few ways you can tell if your business name needs a change. If you’re noticing that revenue is not what you expect or that people are not responding well to your business in general, it could simply be the name. Changing it can definitely help to keep things flowing for your company. Here are 4 Tips on Business Name Changes.

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A Guide to Business Casual Men in NYC

When it comes to fashion in New York City, the rules are always changing. What is in vogue one day will be completely out of style the next day. However, this doesn’t just apply to women. Men have to deal with trends that are constantly changing as well. For men who shun the hipster look and prefer to go business casual, finding ways to breathe new life into that same old business professional look can be stressful. However, it can be done if you know the right tips and tricks. Here are some tips on achieving the perfect business casual look in NYC.

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Handshake between two businessmen with co-workers in the background

How to Hire in the Finance Industry

With global markets shifting rapidly on a daily basis, the finance industry is more exciting and challenging than ever. Finance corporations are expanding exponentially, but it is important to recruit and hire the best candidates for this type of career. Here are some tips to keep in mind when interviewing and hiring new employees in the finance sector.

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