How to Ensure Employee Satisfaction

Employee attitudes are an essential reflection on any business, and customers recognize when employees are discontented with their jobs. Part of this links to monetary compensation and benefits, but there’s more to jobs than just compensation.

Employees respond to employers understanding their needs in the workplace, and when they make small and inexpensive changes to satisfy those needs.

Scheduling and Control

In this informative article, April Shetrone gives a comprehensive list of to improve the workplace and happiness achieved among employees, citing numerous sources like Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness and Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.

The first way to improve employee happiness and workplace attitudes is to give employees a feeling of control. Scheduling is an area where employers can choose to be flexible, rigid, or unreasonably demanding.

Scheduling makes or breaks employee happiness. Employees forced to work long hours, get little sleep, makes them unhappy in a workplace. After a long work week with little sleep, employees can get very cranky as Friday rolls around.

Another way to give control back to the employee – let them set personal work goals and have their work reflect in their compensation. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but it does replace a feeling of obligation with a feeling of accomplishment.

Commuting Stress

One of the biggest sources of employee unhappiness is the grind of commuting. Part of this is the previously mentioned feeling of control. Employers who are stuck in traffic feel powerless, feeling lack control over their ability to get to work on time.

Alleviate these stresses through  different options. Staggering work times so commuters don’t run the gauntlet of rush hour traffic. The other option allows telecommunication, which, in this modern mobile era, gives employees the comfort of working wherever they choose.

Workplace Improvements

Other ways of improving workplace attitudes are breaking up routines, keeping meetings efficiently short, and encouraging healthy social interactions. Try bringing in baked goods for the holidays as a potluck break or luncheon, or sponsoring outside events where everyone can socialize together away from the work environment.

Workplace satisfaction hinges as much on the small details as an addition to monetary compensation. The most important ways to fulfill needs are by giving employees a sense of control over their environment, reducing stressful schedules and commutes whenever possible.

Let employees feel a sense of accomplishment superseding feelings of obligation. The last thing you want is an unhappy employee since they are less productive, and their attitude may impact customer interactions.

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