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Tips for Professionals Who Want to Spend More Time with Their Kids

Despite leading multi-million-dollar business ventures by his early twenties, New York entrepreneur Jonah Engler has chosen to set his ventures aside to dedicate his focus on his family. Despite his success, Jonah Engler maintains that parenting is his most important job.

Tips for Professionals Who Want to Spend More Time with Their Kids

Tips for Professionals Who Want to Spend More Time with Their Kids

Many successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople struggle with finding time for their family during their busy work schedules. Here are three tips to help the busy professional keep up with their kids:

  1. Hire Help – Your work day is long enough, but add in the extra hours running errands and completing other menial tasks and you are left with even less time with your kids. Instead of hiring a babysitter so you can do those tasks, hire somebody to do those tasks so you can spend the time with your kids. While an assistant or errand runner may cost more than a babysitter, the value comes in the extra time at home with your family.
  2. Enlist Their Help – For smaller chores around the house like cooking and cleaning, enlist the help of your children to turn that boring task into quality family time. While your tasks may take more time and create more of a mess, your children may one day look back fondly on that quality time they spent with you making dinner or tidying up.
  3. Quality Over Quantity – A study recently published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that the quantity of time spent with children had almost no relationship to how the children turned out later in life. Instead, the study and others like it suggest aiming for quality activities like reading to your child, eating with them, or engaging with them in a one-on-one setting.
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6 Things You Can do Today to Improve your Financial Health

The year 2008 represented the worst economic crisis America faced since the Great Depression. The recession not only affected the U.S., but soon spread to other regions that do business with America. Fortunately, through the efforts of governments, corporations and individual citizens, the economy is recovering.

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Don’t Choke Off Your Success

Did you get into business to do work or to make money? If it’s the former, trust me on this, you will be happier working for someone else. Let them take all the risk. You enjoy the work and cash those checks every payday. BUT, if you are one of those rare heroes wanting to make more than a living doing something you enjoy, then listen up, because nine guys just like you just failed … and went back to work for someone else. Continue reading

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Are You a New Manager? Here’s What You Better Learn.. Fast!

So you’re a brand new manager. Congratulations! You worked very hard to get here, and now you’re at the mountaintop. See those other peaks in the distance? Those are where you really want to be. Where you’re standing now? It’s only a foothill. Yes, it took a lot of time, effort and education to get here, but you have a lot more work ahead of you.

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Perfect entrepreneurial team by Jonah Engler

Tips for Building the Perfect Entrepreneurial Team

Entrepreneurs often start solo, whether it’s in their parent’s basement or garage. But over time, as their business idea gains some traction and becomes a living, breathing life form, they get barraged with a variety of tasks and responsibilities that simply cannot be tackled by one person. As a result, entrepreneurs often have to transition from their solo act to a business team.

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March Yields Less Private Sector Jobs Than ADP Predicts

Job growth is the engine that keeps the American economy moving forward. Ever since the recession several years ago, the United States has continued to struggle to regain all of the jobs lost from the recession. Although the unemployment rate continues to improve there are still drastically fewer people in the work force than in 2007. This is an issue because that output of the economy is based on worker productivity and job availability. There are essentially two parts to the monthly jobs report, the public and private sector. The private sector is measured by the ADP and helps to show the projected growth of jobs in the future.

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