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Solving the Problem of No Time for Quality Time

Although he has successfully led a range of entrepreneurial enterprises, New York-based Jonah Engler considers parenting to be his most important full-time job. His focus on hard work and goal-setting have consistently helped him to drive his business career forward, and now Jonah Engler puts that same focus on ensuring that his children have plenty of his time and attention.

Solving the Problem of No Time for Quality Time

Solving the Problem of No Time for Quality Time

For many parents today, over-stretched at work and over-tired at home, finding the time for high-quality family experiences can be a challenge. Experts have offered a number of possible solutions to the problem:

Schedule family time. By planning activities with each child individually, a parent conveys that he or she is committed to the relationship. These parent-child “dates” can be as simple and inexpensive as taking a child out for a special lunch during a school lunch hour.

Take children along on errands, and use transportation time for conversation.

Send loving messages, whether these involve a hand-written note in a lunchbox or backpack, or even a carefully made video.

Maintain an open door, and an open phone line. Let children know that they can talk, call, or text at any time if they have an important concern.

And, while the amount of time spent with children is certainly important, parents can also take comfort in the findings of a new study showing that the quality of the time spent together is even more important than the quantity.