Top Growing Franchises in 2015

A large number of entrepreneurs start an independent business every year. However, few survive the freshman year. Statistics prove that the new franchise owner is more successful than the independent business owner. A franchise makes it possible for the owner to work with an established name and distribute their products. Certainly, owning a franchise is the ultimate key to success. However, it is important to own a franchise that is growing and shows signs that it will continue to grow well into the future. These franchises offer the best opportunities for success. Let’s take a look at the top growing franchises in 2015.


Would you believe that Subway is one of the top growing franchises in 2015? It’s quite true. Statistics show that food franchises are great profit makers and fast growing franchises in 2015. Subway started franchising back in 1974. Franchises are available in the United States and Internationally. Currently they are ranked the #3 franchise.


A hair salon franchise is actually a very sound investment. Supercuts is well-known for their fast hair cutting techniques. In addition, they allow the customer to customize the type of services that they desire. The first store was opened in Albany, California back in 1975. The two co-founders started to franchise in 1979. Their franchises are all over the United States and in Canada. Currently ranked at #5.

Denny’s Inc.

Denny’s is a family restaurant chain that has been around since 1953. Denny’s is included on this list because of their longevity and their quick expansion. The founder was Harold Butler. He opened a shop called Danny’s Donuts in Lakewood, California. The name was changed to Denny’s in 1066 and they started serving breakfast meals. They started franchising back in 1963. Denny franchises are across the United States, Canada, and Internationally. Currently ranked #8.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts was started by Bill Rosenberg back in 1950. In the beginning, the company was known as Industrial Luncheon Services. They delivered meals to workers in Boston. Today, they specialize in donuts, drinks, sandwiches. They begin franchising back in 1955. Dunkin Donuts has franchises in the United States, Canada, and Internationally. Curently ranked #11.

Hampton Hotels

This hotel chain is a fast mover and shaker, steadily climbing up the ranks. Hampton Hotels begin back in 1983 in Memphis, Tennessee. Started franchising back in 1984. Their franchises are in the United States, Canada, and Internationally. Currently ranked at #1.

Jonah Engler is a Financial Expert based in New York City. A full time stock broker, franchise owner, coffee lover and investor; Engler helps startup businesses and franchise’s grow through smart financial planning.

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