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Guide on a 30 Day Challenge to Cut back on Coffee

While coffee can be healthy in moderation, few people actually enjoy a cup only once or twice a month. Most coffee consumers drink coffee immediately upon waking up to avoid the dreaded caffeine withdrawals. Withdrawals can begin in just a few hours after a missed cup, and the effects of withdrawals are severely debilitating. These effects include migraines, an inability to focus, plus irritability. Even without the withdrawal, coffee can cause a racing heart, unclear thoughts, and uneven energy levels throughout the day. To see if you function better without coffee, follow this 30 day guide to effortlessly cut back your coffee consumption!

Why Cut Back?

Many coffee drinkers forget what life is like without coffee. However, limiting your intake can provide you with more even energy levels throughout the day, a calmer mind and heart, plus a more serene outlook on life. Many people find their lives to be greatly improved after limiting caffeine consumption, and it’s worth it to try for yourself to see the results.

Avoiding Withdrawals

Coffee itself is not addictive; rather, it’s the caffeine contained inside coffee that causes the problem. To begin your 30 days, start filling half of your cup with decaffeinated coffee to lower the caffeine content. Drink this for two days, and on the third day, fill your cup mostly with decaffeinated coffee. On the fifth day, use only decaffeinated coffee. Decaffeinated coffee still contains a small amount of caffeine to help you from experiencing withdrawals. After seven days, you can cut back on coffee entirely!

If during the second week you start to have headaches or other withdrawal symptoms, simply have a piece of dark chocolate or green tea. Both of these items have a very small amount of caffeine that can alleviate your symptoms without hurting your progress. Make sure to drink enough water as well to ensure that your body properly flushes out any leftover caffeine.

Life After Coffee

After limiting or eliminating your coffee consumption, take note of how you feel during the day. You may find yourself sleeping deeper at night or waking up more early. You may find stressful tasks easier to overcome, and you may find your mind more clear throughout the day. Remember that you can always return to coffee if you feel it does help, but if you want to avoid becoming addicted again, then try to limit it to one cup every three days. By trying this 30 day challenge, you will see how coffee truly affects you!

Jonah Engler is an avid coffee lover from New York City. Engler enjoys slow sipping on his coffee at random Manhattan’s cafes.

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