Do Introverts Make Better Entrepreneurs?

jonah engler

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, personality plays a large role in how successful a person can be. The majority of people lean very definitely towards an introverted personality. That’s not to say that their quiet demeanor should be mistaken for “mousiness”.

Introverts get their inspiration from abstract thoughts and concepts. When they are quiet, it is because they are in deep thought, contemplating the best solution to a problem. They do not allow outside distractions to veer them off course.

While introverts avoid crowds, they do know how to carry on an intelligent conversation when necessary. Rather than wasting time and energy on small talk, they prefer to watch and listen before joining the conversation. When they do speak, it’s because they have something worthwhile to say.

Active listening is a vital skill for entrepreneurs and comes naturally to introverts. An entrepreneur’s success is often measured by their business relationships. Introverts excel in this area as they are very empathetic people. They can put themselves in another’s shoes which is a skill not everyone can cultivate. In this way they build a strong rapport with their partners, business associates, and employees. Not to mention being better able to meet the needs of their customers.

Another trait that makes introverts better entrepreneurs is their ability to focus on a task, and see it through to the end. This is especially helpful when starting a business as the first 2 years generally do not generate a profit.

Introverts are quiet leaders with the skill of inspiring those around them to be self- motivated. They, themselves are self-driven when they have a passion for something and will do everything they can to improve their skills and turn that passion into a successful business. Introverts are also more realistic and apply critical thinking skills to nearly every decision that needs to me make for the betterment of the business.

Although introverts tend to be quiet, they have no problem with public speaking on a subject that they are passionate about. Their precise attention to detail is also helpful anytime they must preside over a business meeting.

Being an introvert offers many great opportunities to be a better entrepreneur. Since introverts do not need outside affirmation that they are doing a good job, or that they have made the right decision, they are free from self-doubt and they do make better entrepreneurs.

Jonah Engler is a succesful entrepreneur from New York City.

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Jonah Engler

Former Stock Broker and Financial Expert, Jonah Engler is a New York City based entrepreneur who writes about entrepreneurship, investing, public relations, and other topics that fascinate him. Engler explores Entrepreneurship through his Mobile Phone Franchises in the NYC area.