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3 Ways to Ensure Return on Invested Capital

The total cash investment that shareholders and debtholders have made in a company is called Invested Capital. Investing capital into a business or stock is always a risk for shareholders, but with savvy business maneuvers, finding investments with the least risk and the most return can nearly ensure return on the invested capital. Continue reading


6 Things I’ve learned on Saving for Retirement

One of the most serious issues that many people face in their lives is retirement. For some people, the idea of retirement is always a far off situation that they do not think about until retirement time is directly in front of them. However, retirement changes the way many people live because they do not plan for retirement. Many people retire and discover that they do not have enough money to live the way they have been living before retirement.

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Top 5 Twitter Follows in the Finance Industry

If you want to keep up with the latest financial news and analysis, Twitter can be very useful. This social network allows you to browse through tweets and click on links that interest you, which is more efficient than surfing many different websites. Fortunately, many of the world’s top financial experts and organizations are on Twitter. The following are the five top accounts to follow on Twitter if you want to increase your financial savvy.

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What is a Derivative?

Financial derivatives are tools associated with a particular investment vehicle, index or commodity. Deals in financial derivatives are executed as trades stemming from larger asset classes in the market. For example, a derivative investment in housing may be linked to indexes that measure housing pricing and other data trends.

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Coffee Futures: Then, Now and the Future

As a lover of coffee and finance; coffee futures, present the perfect intersection for me. The history of coffee trading has roots in global trade spanning a bevy of continents. From Africa to Asia, the trade has shaped nations and the living habits of people. Prices in coffee have grown considerably from 2005 through present times.

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Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan: Best Practices

You don’t need to accumulate a massive amount of wealth to live well during retirement. You don’t need an amount equal to your pre-retirement income to live on either. Most people retire on significantly less and live well. These are a few practices that might put you well ahead when the time comes that you want to pull the plug on work.

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Real Estate: Still a Safe Investment?

Given the ramifications of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, it’s somewhat understandable if people have taken a different approach to investing in real-estate. However, while that crisis was indeed detrimental to the housing markets worldwide, those same markets have started to recover. That recovery has once again demonstrated that buying appreciating assets and leasing depreciating assets is still as a basic principle of solid money management.

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