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Prospects Khalid Abdullah and Avery Moss Excite New York Giants Fans

New York Giants

New York Giants

Jonah Engler is a New York-based entrepreneur who has a retail presence in the region spanning 22 Verizon wireless franchise locations. An avid sports fan, Jonah Engler supports local teams such as the New York Giants. The Giants enjoyed an 11-5 record in 2016, but fell short of the Super Bowl when they lost to the Saints in the wild card playoffs.

Two top prospects as the 2017 season gets started are Khalid Abdullah and Avery Moss, with the latter fifth-round pick an exceptional pass rusher who had a major impact on the defensive line while at Youngstown State University. Talented in slipping through blocks to pressure the quarterback, Moss has been compared with veteran Giants sack artist Robert Ayers. He is likely to come in as a rotational player and ultimately take the pressure off of a stretched defensive line.

Abdullah is a fleet-footed running back who has displayed an aptitude for breaking through tackles with his low center of gravity. Known for his determined attitude, Abdullah could well become a surprise impact player as the season wears on and veteran players succumb to fatigue and injuries.

The Iconic Rumble in the Jungle Fight

Jonah Engler is an experienced motivator and business leader based in New York. When he isn’t spending time working or taking part in activities with his children, Jonah Engler enjoys watching boxing, which he considers the most exciting sport.


Perhaps one of the most and iconic fights of all time is the 1974 championship bout between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, which was contested in Kinshasa, Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo). Billed as the Rumble in the Jungle, it was Ali’s first fight in three years since losing his world title to Joe Frazier. Foreman, meanwhile, was the most dominant heavyweight in the world at the time, conclusively winning the title from Frazier and successfully defending it twice in under 4 minutes. Moreover, Foreman had won all of his 34 pro fights, 32 of which were by knockout.

But instead of Foreman cementing his status as the world’s most dominant boxer, Ali again rose to prominence by using a rope-a-dope tactic in which he essentially leaned against the ropes and let the champ wear himself out with heavy punches throughout the course of the fight. By the eighth round, Foreman, not accustomed to fights going past the first couple rounds, was visibly fatigued and on the defensive. Ali vacated his defensive positioning on the ropes and went on the attack, hitting the champ with a left and right hook, dropping him to the canvas. With just 2 seconds remaining in the eighth round, Foreman was counted out and Ali, to the shock of many, won the world title for a third time.

The Health Benefits of Playing Handball

For several years, Jonah Engler Silberman has been establishing himself as a New York business leader, controlling multimillion-dollar ventures in a variety of industries. Outside of his work, New York’s Jonah Engler Silberman loves playing soccer and handball with his son.

The Health Benefits of Playing Handball

As an exercise, handball benefits the body in a variety of ways. The fast-paced sport is a full-body workout that promotes muscle tone and strength, particularly in the upper body and arms. The constant movement in handball increases cardiovascular endurance. In a one-hour game, players may run several miles. The rigorous exercise burns fat and helps players stay in shape. Further, the sport requires that players use both hands and both sides of the body equally, so the body learns to become more balanced and agile.

Beyond weight loss, muscle tone, and heart health, handball also works the brain. Players must quickly anticipate where the ball will be next so they can move to that location. This helps develop hand-eye coordination.