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Struggles Every Entrepreneur Face

Starting a business scares the daylights out of many entrepreneurs. The optimism of a bright future collides with the stack of work on your desk that never seems to end. Starting a business consumes all of your time, and you must pay attention to every detail. The stress mounts quickly in the midst of the struggles. These four struggles in particular face nearly every entrepreneur.

1. To Partner or Not To Partner?

Some business owners are better off flying solo in their professional lives. But you should at least consider partnering. You will obviously need to research your potential business partners as thoroughly as possible. How do their business philosophies and ethics line up with yours? Are they someone you can trust to help you grow your business? The answers to these questions will reveal the potential of a partnership.

2. Don’t Stop Learning

With so much work ahead, you may begin to lose focus on your life-long requirement to learn. Continue to learn as much as you can about as many different things as you can. You never know how your new knowledge can help your business. And just because you’re an entrepreneur doesn’t mean your personal life doesn’t matter anymore. Never pass up the opportunity to enrich yourself in a new way. Let your passions grow along with your profits.

3. Can You Deliver on Your Promises?

If you make a promise, you must keep it. When you’re first starting out, your word might be the only thing you have to stand on. Break too many promises and you’ll lose valuable connections that could help you prosper later. Be realistic about what you can and can’t deliver. If you don’t have what a customer is looking for, then say so. Don’t procrastinate on that financial report that your business partner wants on his or her desk by Monday morning. Get it done on time. Only make promises you have the time and ability to produce.

4. What Takes Up Your Time?

Prioritizing leads to greater productivity. Prioritize your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly responsibilities. Don’t neglect your infrastructure just for the sake of increasing revenue. Setting time aside to organize yourself will pay dividends later. Keep your tax obligations organized throughout the year, too, so that tax season is a breeze. Place less emphasis on the people and things that won’t help you get where you want to go.

As entrepreneurs, we must realize that there will never be an ideal situation in which there are no struggles or obstacles and that the road to success is not a smooth and clear pavement. But it is through these tests that we must endure and keep pushing forward. Here is to your success!

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Jonah Engler

Former Stock Broker and Financial Expert, Jonah Engler is a New York City based entrepreneur who writes about entrepreneurship, investing, public relations, and other topics that fascinate him. Engler explores Entrepreneurship through his Mobile Phone Franchises in the NYC area.