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How to Ensure Employee Satisfaction

Employee attitudes are an essential reflection on any business, and customers recognize when employees are discontented with their jobs. Part of this links to monetary compensation and benefits, but there’s more to jobs than just compensation.

Employees respond to employers understanding their needs in the workplace, and when they make small and inexpensive changes to satisfy those needs.

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Your Company Name is Lame : Tips for Rebranding

Having the right name for your business is so important because it encourages people to want to make use of your company and services. Your current business name might simply be lame, and this can negatively affect your entire company in more ways than just one. There are a few ways you can tell if your business name needs a change. If you’re noticing that revenue is not what you expect or that people are not responding well to your business in general, it could simply be the name. Changing it can definitely help to keep things flowing for your company. Here are 4 Tips on Business Name Changes.

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Lean Business Model

Lean Business Model: What Is It?

One of the best ways to ensure success for your business is to implement a lean business model. The key to thriving in the competitive business world of today is to look for ways to gain an advantage over your competitors. When you implement this model, you will cut waste and improve your bottom line. This will give you an economic advantage over your competitors, allowing you to gain a competitive edge. Here is a closer look at this business model and how to gain an advantage by implementing it into your company’s operations.
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Alexandria Morgan and the PR of Banned Ads

There’s an old saying that says “all publicity is good publicity” and sometimes that is true.

Alexandria Morgan is a 20-year-old model with a star on the rise thanks to a combination of smart social media interaction and a sexy commercial that was deemed too hot for TV. The ad in question, promoting the TomTom runner’s heart monitor, is racy in more ways than one. It features Morgan jogging, clad only in running shorts and a strapless bra.

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Uber Reputation by Jonah Engler

How Uber Is Still Fighting to Save Reputation

Uber is a transportation group that connects those in need of a ride with the drivers employed to offer quality service. The five-year-old operation has garnered nearly $2.7 billion as on hand cash with investors incorporating over $40 billion to the pool. There is even discussion that an Initial Public Offering is underway for the transportation company as it expands at a fast rate. The future structure of this group could possibly venture into delivery services that include grocers and restaurants within a few years to come.

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Investors for Business

Where to Find Investors For Your Business

Whether you are looking to launch a start up business or if you have an established company that requires more rounds of funding, knowing how to find the right investors for your goals is essential. Taking the time to compare the options you have with investors and how to go about hiring them is a way to move forward with any future innovations and plans you have for your business in the future.

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