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Parents’ Involvement Holds Key to Students’ Progress

Jonah Engler

New York-based entrepreneur Jonah Engler has achieved success in a range of business endeavors. Yet, he considers his job as a parent of three children to be his most important. Jonah Engler strives to put family connections first in his life, making a conscious decision to be a consistent presence in his children’s lives and schooling.

Educational researchers have demonstrated that parents’ involvement in their children’s learning, and their encouragement to do well in school, produce long-lasting positive results. And this involvement benefits not only students, but the greater society as well.

Investigators across dozens of studies have found that, rather than family income or social class, the most significant factor in how well children do in school is the involvement of the parents. Researchers who reviewed a number of studies on the topic reported the wide-ranging benefits when parents set up a home environment conducive to learning, stay connected to the school community, and establish high but realistic expectations for their children’s achievement. And not only do children benefit academically, but their social skills improve and they are less likely to become involved with drugs or alcohol.

Parents can demonstrate their commitment to boosting their children’s success by helping with homework, meeting teachers and classmates, and becoming active in school sports and other organizations.