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Target Your Audience with Social Media

By implementing a few easy procedures, you can find your target market using Pinterest, Stumbelupon, Twitter, and Instagram. Once you have fans, they will want useful information. For this task, simply use social media tools that let you gather and share content.


The first step involves determining the categories that your market is interested in. After you obtain this data, post content is a relevant to your potential market.

Place a social media widget on the front of your association page so that your fans will know that your company is available on Pinterest.

If you only use Pinterest to promote your products, your marketing efforts will fail. So, only post valuable information, such as new publications or details about your company’s proceedings.


You must capture at least one power stumbler in your market so that others will follow you. A power stumbler is valuable because the individual already has dozens of fans who also have fans.

To grab the attention of a power stumbler, post interesting posts by established bloggers on Stumbleupon first so that everyone will appreciate your recommendations.


Because Twitter is a popular social media service, you must tweet regularly. If your time is limited, just tweet one tweet a day. Each tweet should include keywords that are relevant. If the keywords are poor, targeted followers will not find you.

The goal is to drive people to your website, blog, or another social networking page. If you offer something that consumers cannot find anywhere else, you can gain tons of targeted followers.


Potential clients will not find your Instagram page on their own. So, you must tell your customers and clients that your company is on Instagram. However, if you have established your businesses on other social media sites, simply promote your Instagram page on those websites.

If you run exclusive contests, your Instagram fan base will increase dramatically. To build brand awareness, ensure that the prize relates to your specific business.

Finding & Sharing Content Using Social Media Sites

Feedly is a helpful tool that lets you read numerous blogs in one location. By using the intuitive interface, you can organize various categories that are suitable for your fans.

Linkedin Pulse is a very efficient service for business owners because it recommends industry specific content. There is also a mobile app that lets employees hone their skills while away from their offices.

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